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Children's Ministry

Our Mission & Goal

At WPC, we offer an active, growing children’s ministry that welcomes children of all ages. From Sunday School to youth group to children’s vocal and handbell choirs to fellowship opportunities, there is something for every child - and all are welcome!  

Our mission is to provide opportunities to grow together in Christ as individuals and as families while becoming integrated into a vibrant community which prepares and supports us as we share the hope of Jesus Christ with one another, our neighbors, and the world.  Our goal is to create an environment that will open the children’s eyes to the splendor of God, and will inspire them to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Young Children and Worship  


Children and Worship provides an age-appropriate way of being in worship with children ages three to nine. Each week thousands of children, who are part of hundreds of congregations in North America and around the world, use the program to experience rather than merely learn about worship. Based on Montessori principles of early childhood learning, this program continues to be one of the most effective ways of nurturing children’s faith and preparing them for worship with the whole congregation.

1st-5th Grade SPARK! Sunday School Curriculum

Our 1st-5th grade curriculum is Spark. It incorporates Bible stories, activities, crafts, media, and games into a full faith experience for children, where children develop the skills to unlock the Bible message and grow their faith by leaps and bounds. Spark will nourish and enrich children's faith, so they can proclaim the good news of God’s love and serve God and neighbor. Children will realize their faith goes with them as they grow. How it works:
Each Spark Classroom lesson follows a four-part sequence:
  • Gather – Begin the day by gathering together and trying a warm-up activity
  • Open the Bible – Open Bibles and explore the day’s story
  • Activate Faith – Get moving and become engaged in the story they just read by using their leaflets
  • Send – Finish with a closing activity and prayer
We interact with the Bible in every lesson, helping kids navigate the story and begin to compare what they learn to their own life.

Choir Plus

Choir Plus is a mid-week program for children ages K-5th grade that runs through the school year.  The children spend 45 minutes singing in Children’s Choir, 30 minutes at dinner and 45 minutes having fun and learning Bible stories.  Time:  5-7pm (in-person) OR 6:15-7pm (virtual/hybrid)

Third Grade Bibles & Bible 101

In the baptism of infants and children we bear witness to the truth that God’s love claims people even before they are able to respond in faith.  At Worthington Presbyterian Church we take seriously our promise to nurture baptized children in the Christian life.  One way we make visible our commitment to children as they grow is to provide them with their own personal copy of God’s word.  

3rd graders learn how to use their Bibles all year in Sunday School.
3rd graders receive the Deep Blue Bible (Common English Bible)  
Reading Level: Middle Grades (ages 8-10)
Kids will dive deep into God’s word with the CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible. This engaging, interactive Bible offers four-color icons and illustrations throughout with a wealth of notes, devotionals, Bible trivia, and other interactive elements to capture inquisitive young minds. Plus the CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible will encourage a thirst for God’s timeless message as young readers join three life-like kids in discovering the Bible and what it means to their lives.

Fourth Grade Sacraments Class

4th graders have the opportunity to attend a special study of the Sacraments in the Presbyterian Church.

Over three weeks, we explore what a sacrament is and the meanings of both Baptism and Communion.  We will explore how they are celebrated in our church, and what they mean to us as we grow in our faith.  
On the last day of class, we bake Communion bread which will be used in Worship on World Communion Sunday.  All children ages 4th grade and older are welcomed and encouraged to sit with their families and celebrate Communion together on Communion Sundays (usually the 1st Sunday of the month)

Club 4-5

For our 4th, 5th graders and their friends….a fun, safe place to call “their own” and a time to connect with God through playfulness and service.

2022-23 Schedule

Friday Nights, 7-9 pm at the church
  • Aug 26 – Kick-off Fun: (Get-to-know-you Games, Capture the Flag)
  • Sept 30 - Scavenger Hunt
  • Oct 28 – Pumpkins and Corn Maize
  • Nov 18 – Service Projects (NNEMAP and Dry Bean Soup Mix kits)
  • Dec 16 – Christmas Caroling
  • Jan 20 – Scavenger Hunt (Board Games, Charades and Ga-Ga Ball)
  • Feb 24 – Service Projects (Hygiene Kits and Lunches)
  • March 24 – Progressive Dinner
  • April 28 – Cook out and Kickball (rain date May 5)

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Dr. Tom Rice | Pastor for Discipleship