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Alternative Christmas

The Alternative Christmas Market encourages individuals, families and congregations to look for creative ways of celebrating Christmas that are consistent with Christian tradition -- including gifts of love, friendship, and service that may cost no money at all. Also needed are gifts which lift people out of the cycle of poverty and dependence with food, clothing and other forms of emergency assistance.

We try to provide our congregation with the opportunity to give Christmas gifts that will bring the true joy of Christmas to the giver and to the recipient, those who are in need. The Alternative Christmas Market is also a great way to teach children about giving—giving that makes a difference in the world. We give choices of local, national, or international charities. 100% of the gift is passed on to the charities chosen.

Gift Choices


For some families, unexpected medical bills or child-care problems are enough to send them into a shelter or worse, out on the streets. Most social service programs are not designed to deal with such sudden short-term issues. In central Ohio, COMPASS provides aid quickly to keep the working poor from losing their homes because of temporary setbacks.

The Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Most people don’t realize the staggering impact hunger has in Central Ohio. Soaring food prices and high unemployment mean too many families go to bed hungry.

Blessings in a Backpack

Help supply Spring Break meals for food-insecure children at Salem Elementary and other school related needs.

Turning Point

Turning Point is a new regional domestic violence shelter in Delaware County. Its mission is to provide safe, secure, temporary shelter to victims of domestic violence and their children. This shelter will meet the deep needs of our greater community.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

PDA is deploying teams to affected presbyteries to meet with Presbyterian and community leadership to assist in coordinating relief efforts and mucking out homes and churches. After initial needs are addressed, PDA will remain—providing spiritual emotional care and long-term recovery to address unmet needs of those impacted. Through your prayerful gifts we draw hope out of the chaos.

Montaña de Luz

“The Mountain of Light” orphanage in Honduras is home to children affected by HIV/AIDS. This is a special place where children can receive the safety, love, nutrition and medicine they deserve. Your gift will help provide nutritious food, medical care, and education. Gardens for Haiti: In countries like Haiti, a dry season can last five to seven months, posing challenges for food production. Container gardens allow families to grow food in smaller spaces with minimal expense, water and labor—providing them with essential nourishment and a source of income. This project is coordinated by Mark Hare, a member of our Presbytery, and his wife, Jenny Bent.

Bibles for Romanian Christians

In post-communist Romania there are many small Christian churches growing in remote villages. The economy in Romania limps along and most churches are unable to provide Bibles for their members. Your donation will help distribute Romanian printed Bibles to those families who seek the word of God.