WPC Elders

What is session?

Presbyterian congregations operate under Sessions, which are composed of elected elders and the church's pastors. At WPC, our Elders work together to provide essential worship, learning, fellowship, and service to every member, demonstrating prayerful leadership and effective governance.

Session Connection

In our WPC Weekly Update and WPC Session Updates over the last few months, we have referred to two “Adhoc” committees, created by Session, to implement recommendations from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center report, which was shared with Session late last year. This report highlighted opportunities for improvement in communication and conflict resolution.

In response, a new feedback process has been developed called “Session Connection.” This process has been developed as a direct communication channel to Session for all church members, office staff, pastoral staff, preschool, or anyone who would like to share something with Session.

The intent is to provide a seamless communication method that is transparent and enables the Ruling Elders of Session to ensure efficiency in addressing feedback and/or conflicts. In addition to general feedback, this process includes an avenue for confidential feedback, as well as guidelines for conflict resolution.  


Term ends 2024

Dan Arthur, Preschool Committee Chair
Vera Coniglio, Membership and Fellowship Committee Chair
Dan Foley, Worship and Arts Committee
Rev. Peter Okyere, Adult Education Committee Chair
Harry Pukay-Martin, Nominating Committee Chair
Laura Schlader, Youth Committee Chair

Term ends 2025

Larry Case, Endowment Committee Chair
Anne Krieger, Finance Committee Chair
Kate Lane, Children's Committee Chair
Joan Patton, Personnel Committee Co-Chair
Mark Ranck, Facilities Committee Chair
Bill Woods, Personnel Committee Co-Chair

Term ends 2026

Bob Freed, Membership and Fellowship Committee
Bill Gilbert, Youth Committee
Sheri Holcomb, Mission Committee
Ray Mundy, Nominating Committee
Rev. Dr. Tim McQuade, Moderator | Marian Greuling, Clerk | Anne Krieger, Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Tom Rice, Pastor for Discipleship | Rev. Betsy Rice, Pastor for Member Ministries