WPC Deacons

Deacons are available to help church members by answering questions, listening, visiting, and staying in touch. The Deacons are prepared to provide or find services for you during a time of need, uncertainty, or joy.

2024 Board of Deacons of Worthington Presbyterian Church

WPC Board of Deacons 2024
Front row (from left) : Pastor Betsy Rice, Pam Hume, Faye Spratley, Nila WhitfieldLou Ann Shearer, Connie Syron, Tom Rieder
Middle row: Liz Arthur, Tracy Tate, Lisa Abrams, Sue Funk, Judy Hoffman, Leslie McDougall
Back row: Peg Pyron, Duane Cable, Chris Kehl, Rick Zarnoch, Dan Bevan
Not pictured: Noel Abrowka, Rose Berendt, Virginia Duym, Dick Patton, Melissa Robol, Larry Snyder, Leslie Snyder, Suzanne Surface
Term Ends 2024
Liz Arthur
Duane Cable
Virgina Duym
Tom Rieder
Lou Ann Shearer
Suzanne Surface
Connie Syron
Nila Whitfield
Term Ends 2025
Lisa Abrams
Dan Bevan
Sue Funk
Chris Kehl
Melissa Robol
Leslie Snyder
Faye Spratley
Tracy Tate
Term Ends 2026
Noel Abrokwa
Rose Berendt
Judy Hoffman
Pam Hume
Peg Pyron
Larry Snyder
Leslie McDougall
Rick Zarnoch
Duane Cable, Moderator
Chris Kehl, Vice Moderator
Rev. Betsy Rice, Pastor for Member Ministries