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Nominating Committee

Call for Suggestions for the Nominating Committee’s Consideration

WPC's Nominating Committee will be prayerfully considering WPC members to serve as an Elder, Deacon, or a Nominating Committee member. If you know of a WPC member of strong Christian faith who regularly attends church, participates in the church's life, and demonstrates a strong commitment to the church and its mission, please share this person’s name with the committee.

Below you will find a link to a form to submit the member’s name, or you can pick up a form in the church office.  You are also welcome to contact one of the committee members personally. The deadline for submission is March 27.

Committee Members: Deanna Olson, Carolyn Lee, Judy Hazelton, Bob Harrington, Nila Whitfield, Susan Boisvert, Vera Coniglio, Julia Piermont