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Who Are We


In the service of Jesus Christ, we are a dynamic, growing, regional congregation whose vision is to love God; to nurture faith and spiritual growth; and to welcome, embrace, and serve each other, the community beyond, and a world we cannot yet imagine.

Who Are We

Worthington Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), located on the Village Green in Worthington, Ohio. Even though we've been here for a long time, we're always growing, always changing, always on the move - and we're always glad to welcome new faces through our doors!

We believe that no matter what our backgrounds or our experiences, we're all beloved children of God, interconnected through Jesus Christ. Empowered by God's Spirit, and in gratitude for the love that God has shown us, each of us can make a difference in the world around us in ways large and small. Here at Worthington Presbyterian, you'll find many ministries and programs that can help deepen your relationship with God and others, and to grow in love as you experience God's endless love and grace as part of our faith community. Come and join us - all are welcome here!

As Presbyterians, we affirm that God comes to us with grace and love in the person of Jesus Christ, who lived, died, and rose for us so that we might have eternal and abundant life in him. As Christ’s disciples, called to ministry in his name, we seek to continue his mission of teaching the truth, feeding the hungry, healing the broken, and welcoming strangers. For more detailed information about our particular beliefs, click on the following button:

The choir singing during a Sunday worship service

Serving Greater Columbus & Central Ohio Region

We are one of the largest Presbyterian congregations in the state of Ohio. While membership is centered around Worthington, we also draw persons from throughout the Columbus metropolitan area, particularly the northern suburbs and neighborhood. Beyond our regional geography, the livestreaming of our Sunday worship is regularly viewed by many persons throughout the United States.

Our members include lifelong Presbyterians (some of whom have been part of this congregation for their entire lives), persons who have “migrated” from different faith traditions, and others for whom WPC is their first formal religious affiliation.

Our tagline, “Brought to you by Jesus….to make a difference”  guides our outreach to our community and beyond. Everything we do intends to spread God’s love to others beyond our congregation. We are actively engaged in ministries in hunger, education, and justice – all things that might show the world a “glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Who's In Charge Here?

With a few exceptions, governance in churches fall into three categories: Episcopal, Congregational and Presbyterian.

Episcopal (from the Greek word for “Bishop”) form of governance is essentially a “top down” structure with authority resting with bishops who have jurisdiction over regions and a high degree of control over individual congregations. Examples of Episcopal governance are Roman Catholic, Episcopalian/Anglican, Lutheran and Methodist traditions.

A Congregational form of church governance is a “bottom up” model with the authority resting with (as the name implies) the congregation. Examples of this form of governance are  the United Church of Christ, Baptist, and many nondenominational congregations.

The Presbyterian (from the Greek word for “Elder”) form of church governance has elements from both the episcopal and congregational models. The primary body governing a Presbyterian congregation is the Session – a “council of Elders” – persons elected from, and by, the congregation and serving in terms of three years. The session is constitutionally bound to represent the diversity of the congregation and its members are also understood to spiritual leaders rather than simply “governors.” It is for this reason that these persons are ordained to the office.  comprised of persons from the congregation who have elected . The pastor(s) is also a member of the session. Regional governance beyond the congregation is found in Presbytery where decisions are made by representatives of each congregation in equal numbers of Elders and Ministers.

We believe that by this representative form of governance, with its balancing of trained of Ministers (who are specially trained for their work) and Elders (who are chosen by the congregation), we are more likely to open ourselves the Holy Spirit’s leading that we might  discern God’s will for the world.