Bread Buddies

To share the love of Jesus Christ with the people of Columbus who are hungry and, perhaps, homeless by picking up bread and sweets from Panera and Kroger in Worthington Square Mall as well as from Panera on Martin Road near Barnes and Noble.

Worthington Presbyterian began this mission by organizing people to make pick-ups initially from Panera in Dublin. As more dates and places became available for our church members to help with this mission, Leslie Snyder took over.
We now pick-up over 60 times a month from various places and deliver the items to agencies all over the city. Volunteer assistance with pick-ups and deliveries is ongoing.

Driving to the stores, loading the items into the car, and delivering them takes between two and three hours per person. The pickups at the Panera stores are always in the evening at closing time. Call 614-785-9600 if you arrive after 8:30 closing at the Worthington Mall store. Call 614-764-9700 if you arrive after 9:00 closing at the 2750 Martin Road, Dublin store. Call the Worthington Mall Kroger store in the morning at 614-885-3889 before 10 AM and ask for the bakery to make sure they have items to be picked up. Also ask the produce people if they have food to donate (except on Tuesday and Thursday when the Worthington Resource Center picks up produce from them).

The calendar is constantly updated as volunteers come onto and drop off the project. We keep a list of email addresses so that when a volunteer needs a substitute, he or she can send out a mass email asking for someone to step forward to help. It usually
works out - people are so helpful and committed.

Contact Leslie Snyder, 614-404-8229 or


I pray I or someone else can give a hungry person who is hurting some hope. Help someone receive a bit of hope today but most importantly, give them the only hope in this life and the life to come that is found only in Jesus Christ
(Acts 4:12).