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December Worship Services

Nativity of the LORD: The Service for Christmas Day

Christmas Eve Service (6pm)

We'll have a worship led by children; and two Festivals of Adoration with instrumentalists, a full choir, scripture, and singing. May your ears and your hearts be filled with the sounds of Christmas – the words, the silence and the music. All of which together are the sounds of being held together by God’s love. However you decide to worship with us, we pray that you will find nourishment for your life and spirit. May your Christmas season be generously blessed with love. 

December 18, 2022

4th Sunday of Advent: Love
Sermon: "If We Didn't Have Christmas" by Rev. Dr. Julia Wharff Piermont
Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-16 & Romans 1:1-7
Anthem: "I Wanna Be Ready" - The Carol Choir
Anthem: "Sing We Now of Christmas" - The Chancel Choir

December 11, 2022

3rd Sunday of Advent: Joy
Meditation: Every Song Comes from Somewhere by Rev. Dr. Julia Wharff Piermont
Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-5 & Luke 1:46-55
Anthem: "The Shepherd's Carol" and "To Thee My Heart I Offer" - The Chancel Choir

Blue Christmas | December 7, 2022

Meditation: Rev. David Burman
Scripture: Psalm 46:1-5, 10-11 & 1 Corinthians 13:8-12
Solo: "A Christmas Pastorale" - Martha Duersten

December 4, 2022

2nd Sunday of Advent: Peace
Sermon: Righteous Inspiration by Rev. Dr. Julia Wharff Piermont
Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-10 & Romans 15:4-13
Anthem: "Come Flood This Heart of Mine" - The Chancel Choir