I Know I Can

The partnership has begun!

I Know I Can is an organization that has an incredible history of helping underserved kids achieve the dream of a college education. They are also our 2023 Mission Grant recipients. As part of this partnership, WPC volunteers can:

  • Serve as a classroom volunteer
  • Present a classroom career talk, to help students learn about job opportunities and how to prepare for them
  • Chaperone a college visit
  • Host a group of students at your workplace
  • Help with a service project
  • Assist at a workshop where students learn how to apply for financial aid and grants

And that’s just the beginning! If you want to help I Know I Can, but you don’t know where to start, click the button below for more information. Our online sign up form shows you what volunteer opportunities are available, and lets you select the areas that interest you the most.

When a new event gets scheduled, we’ll know how to contact you, and give you details on how you can help.

The pilot program isn’t the only way we can help our new partners

  They need help outside the classroom, too.  Like many organizations who rely on volunteers, I Know I Can has struggled to regain the number of volunteers they had before the  pandemic disrupted so many in-person activities.  So they need help with a variety of other activities, and we have the opportunity to step in and make sure those activities can go on as planned.  At WPC, we want to pitch in and help wherever we can, because that’s what being a good partner is all about.  Sign up today.