Montaña de Luz 

Making a difference for jesus in honduras

About WPC Mission Trips

What started as an AIDS hospice center for Honduran children is now a center for hope and life. Since 2001 Montana de Luz has been a “mountain of light.”  WPC involvement at MDL is long and committed. We have sent yearly service groups to Honduras to work and connect with the kids. Eighty percent of youth at MDL have HIV but with the right and consistent medicine, life has improved significantly. MDL is now a happy and thriving center for children.
The work of our week-long service trips ranges from facility improvements to home improvements (to reunite MDL residents with their families).  Our mission work at MDL provides shelter, fun and laughter.   The remainder of the day we spend with the delightful children of MDL.  We provide activities, soccer/volleyball games, crafts, food, song and many happy memories.  The kids love having visitors.  Unfortunately, COVID set everything back a bit, but we are committed to resume our mission work at MDL.
Several of us have used this opportunity to include our teens in this endeavor.  It is a wonderful experience working with your children/grandchildren. There is nothing like waking up to a day full of challenges, rewards and God’s blessings for all concerned.  Time at MDL is well spent: a blessing for all. Please contact Elder Sheri Holcomb with questions.

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Montaña de Luz began as a hospice for children with HIV/AIDS in Honduras whose parents had died or had become too ill to care for them.

Located an hour and half to the East of Tegucigalpa on top of a mountain overlooking a valley of small towns and sugar cane fields, the mountain of light is a refuge for children who desperately need the specialized care, nurturing, healing and love provided to them by our committed staff, caregivers, and foster families.

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