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Submitting an annual pledge

After you have prayerfully read Pastor Tim’s message below, please either complete your pledge online below OR print the pledge card and return it to church on Commitment Sunday, October 29, during either service. You can also return it to the church office (via mail or in person). To allow us to complete our Budget for 2024, please complete your pledge by November 30.  

A Message from Pastor Tim

Dear WPC brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are entering the generosity challenge time of year. When you hear that words, “generosity” and “stewardship” what come to mind? My guess is money. For many churches the purpose of the generosity campaign is to raise enough money for the coming year. Let me emphasize this generosity challenge is not about raising money nor is it a campaign to meet the 2024 church budget.

Generosity of all aspects of our lives is a spiritual issue for you and me. It begins with the knowledge that God provides all things in our lives. It involves how we use our time and our abilities. It includes our work life, our families and friends, finances and possessions. Therefore, to focus only upon money and church budgets represents a shallow view. Generosity is about every aspect of our lives. It is an acknowledgement that our lives belong to the sovereign God who is very good to us.

We will be reflecting upon our congregation’s mission statement as the goal of our generosity challenge. Beginning October, the preaching series will focus upon the meaning of generosity as a reflection of our mission statement: “In Christ’s love, we connect, serve and transform.” Sunday, October 29, we will receive commitment cards during our worship service.

How will we measure the success of generosity this fall? By meeting the budget? No. I will consider this reflection upon generosity successful when it causes you and me to prayerfully reevaluate our commitment to living generously in every aspect of our lives. Let us live generously.

Pastor Tim.
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FOR THOSE WITH CHILDREN: We encourage you to discuss the purpose of pledging with your children and have them complete their card, color the front cover, and return it to church. If you are still young at heart, feel free to color the children’s pledge card and return it with your pledge card.  Our goal is to do something creative with them.