Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group representing all ages who gather together to enjoy our love of knitting or crocheting for the purpose of creating prayer shawls and a wide variety of hand crafted articles for those in need of being comforted or nurtured in the trying, difficult, or happy times of their lives. We welcome all skill levels, church members as well as non-members, men and women, young and old to participate in this quiet but powerful ministry at Worthington Presbyterian Church. We pray together, share our finished products, and simply enjoy each other’s company for an hour of fellowship each month.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry began at WPC over a decade ago by then Associate Pastor Amy Avery Hampton and member Arnon Reichers. They had become aware of this growing ministry ( throughout the country and decided to bring this nationwide ministry to Worthington Presbyterian Church. At the beginning there was a daytime and an evening group that met at the church. The daytime group was later disbanded due to lack of involvement.

Initially the Prayer Shawl Ministry solely created prayer shawls for distribution to those in need of comfort during difficult times in their lives or in times of celebration. As the group grew and evolved, we began to make lap robes for those in wheelchairs. Later on, we decided to knit or crochet Military Watch Caps to be worn by US military personnel under their hard equipment to keep them warm in the colder climates in which they served our country.

Our mission and means of gifts has changed over the years. We sent prayer shawls to the caregivers who worked at and served the orphans at Montana de Luz (a WPC sponsored mission). We broadened our giving by providing them with a tangible expression of our gratitude and God’s love. We have made baby blankets for orphanages in Haiti following a devastating earthquake; washcloths for women imprisoned in Romania; chemotherapy caps for women and men who lose their hair during their treatments; neonatal blankets for babies who pass away due to their premature births. Around the holidays we enjoy working on hats, scarves, and the occasional mitten, for the annual Mary Lou Paton/Emma McCormick mitten tree.