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Thank You to WPC

Pastor Kevin and Betsy hugging
Dear WPC Friends,

Thank you very much for the gracious and fun farewell you gave me this past Sunday!  It was lovely to hear the thoughtful words, which were spoken by Joan Patton and Betsy Rice, and also to exchange warm greetings with many of you after worship.  Jeff Soiu, enthusiastic photographer that he is, worked hard, with good humor, to capture many dear moments of the day, and I am grateful to him for enabling Christina and me to take your smiling faces home with us to Mansfield.    
The gift bag, which Joan put into my hand when we stood in the chancel, contained wonderful surprises from my favorite store, Runners’ World: a generous gift card and a package of the best low-cut socks for running I know---three pairs of Drymax!  Thank you!!!  The money for shoes I eventually will need and the package of really good socks are super gifts, and I am smiling with gratitude as I write to you about them.

I also got a charge out of other gifts that were shared that day.  A running shoe was drawn in the frosting on top of the delicious cake that Robert Dent made for the farewell party.  Although I didn’t get to the cake before the shoe disappeared, Robert took a photo of it and, of course, sent me home with an ample supply of his cookies and some left-over cake, too.  Much thanks to him for these tasty treats!

The cards you have written and other gifts you have sent were touching to read through back home on Sunday evening.  I’ll respond to your notes soon, but for the time being, please know that because of your friendship Christina and I are glad to think of WPC as our home in the Presbyterian Church. In months to come, we will not make the trip to Columbus every week, but we will definitely plan to be with you now and then.

Christina and I are truly grateful for the kindness you have shown us during the past two years, and we look forward to continuing to be part of the fellowship of the Worthington Presbyterian Church.

The peace of the Lord be with you!

Yours most appreciatively,

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