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So, what about the Pastor Nominating Committee?

I know some have indicated their interest in serving on the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  My advice is, “hold that thought!” Nominating members for the PNC is quite different than the process used to nominate Elders and Deacons. First, WPC may establish a PNC ONLY AFTER it has been given permission to do so by the Presbytery.

That permission will not be granted until March at the very earliest. Remember, we have first to begin implementing the recommendations from Lombard. Session is having a planning retreat this Saturday to begin that process. Then the mission study must be completed and approved by Presbytery. I think we can complete that study and present it for approval in March. Only after those two steps are completed will we be given permission to elect the PNC.

Once given permission Session will define the size and makeup of the PNC. For example, the PNC must consist of different age groups, newer members as well as longer-term members, a mix of men and women, etc. Further, it will not be a large committee. The nominating committee will be tasked with finding individuals for the PNC who meet this representative mix.

Can someone nominate themselves? Self-nominations are not part of this process. It may take a month or longer for the nominating committee to complete their task. Then the PNC is elected at a called meeting of the congregation. After the PNC is elected they will have a month or more of preliminary work to do before they begin interviews.

Serving on the PNC is a serious commitment of time and perhaps even travel. This committee will meet at least once a week. There will be a lot of reading of PDP’s (applicants’ stuff), interviews, listening to sermons and so on. Also, this search will itself take some time, possibly several months, perhaps longer. As I wrote last week, it is a process. Let us trust the process. God is good!

Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor
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