Why I Am Here

Pastor Tim smiling and walking
There is always a question church folks have concerning an interim Pastor. Why is an interim pastor necessary?

Corporations hire new people immediately. Why does a congregation need an interim pastor? That is an excellent question. A church is not a company. A church, with the exception of paid staff, is composed entirely of volunteers of various ages and backgrounds who participate in the life and mission of a congregation.

Companies are appropriately focused upon making money. Churches are focused upon making disciples and furthering the gospel.

WPC has gone the no-interim route previously and that has not ended well. When that occurs, it is likely the next called pastor becomes an unintentional interim. For these reasons, Interim pastors are not simply a good idea, they are essential.

Interim pastors do not simply fill the space between the previous pastor and the next called pastor. What am I working to accomplish as your Interim Head of Staff? The present task is to walk with the congregation as it heals from conflict.

Lombard continues to be a significant asset in this area. Much progress is being made. True, there is work for us to do, as there always will be. However, we are moving forward. Along with that healing work we will take a deep look into the “culture” of the congregation.

Conflict will always be present in any congregation. My goal is to walk the congregation into a healthier system of responding to conflict when it occurs. Along with that present focus are the day-to-day ministry tasks here at WPC. I will keep you posted as we move through the interim process.

Interim ministry is a specialty. Walking with a congregation picking up the pieces following significant conflict is my specialty within that specialty. This is my call. This is why I’m here. I’m very happy to be temporarily yours as we walk together into the very good future God has planned for WPC. God is good.

Pastor Tim

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