Interim Thoughts

I’d like to share one reminder, one update and some details about worship this Sunday. First the reminder. We received many pledge cards Sunday. In fact, we had received a few before Sunday. You can still hand them in this Sunday or drop them off during the week or mail them in. I’m grateful for your commitment.

As you have heard me say a few times, our generosity emphasis is not about getting enough money to support the church budget. It is a whole life commitment giving support to the mission of WPC as we seek to expand the boundaries of the kingdom of God. While this is a reminder to turn your card in, it is one shared with gratitude for you and your commitment.

Now for the update. Jay Wittmeyer preached this past Sunday. So, does that mean we’re done with Lombard? No. We are moving into the second phase of the process; implementation. Here is what is coming: Session will receive a final report from Lombard. That report will center upon recommendations to move forward in cultivating a healthier system here at WPC.

Session is committed to putting those recommendations into practice. We will also communicate to you how we are implementing those practices and changes. Progress will be reviewed monthly by Session and communicated to the congregation. It is my hope this will be an ongoing process as we review how we are doing.

Now for this Sunday. The sermon text for Sunday comes to us from the prophet Malachi. We will focus on 3:6-12. What do these verses mean for our lives?

This Sunday is also All Saints Sunday, where we remember those who have entered the Church Triumphant. We will give thanks for their lives among us and for their everlasting lives which they now enjoy in the presence of God. See you Sunday! God is good.


Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor

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