Interim Thoughts

Dominoes spelling out November
This middle portion of November feels a little bit like a lull before a storm; a storm of activity on its way. Thanksgiving is a week away. My guess is some of you will be either traveling to family or welcoming family into your homes.

Preparing for those gatherings takes time and effort and, possibly, travel. From Thanksgiving we move into the Christmas season with all its activities and shopping and parties and school programs. There will be a lot to do and participate in. The few days following Christmas may be somewhat less hectic. Then there’s the new year with its celebrations.

The next six or so weeks will be very busy, even hectic. I believe all this is a good storm. Giving thanks while gathering together with family and friends is a good thing. Setting up the Christmas decorations, attending tree lightings and music programs can lift our souls.

They can lift our souls especially when we keep our focus upon the reasons for it all. The first reason is to give thanks to God for his provision and grace and blessings God has provided in our lives.

The second is celebrating the advent and arrival of our Savior that first Christmas day. Giving thanks to God and celebrating our Savior. Yes, it is busy and even hectic. But it is also a very good time. May we keep our eyes upon those two things as this season moves upon us! God is good!

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