Interim Thoughts

What does your generosity support?
I’ve taken time to think about where we are as a congregation. It’s one of the things Interim Pastors do. We have hired an Interim Director of Children’s Ministry, enabling that ministry to develop and grow. The organ is fixed, adding its notes to our worship service. We have completed our Lombard meetings and look forward to the Healing Service scheduled for October 29.

We have elected our Elders, Deacons and Nominating Committee for 2024. We have received new members and we know of others who have expressed interest in joining. The number of those participating in the Communicants Class has increased. Worship attendance has more than stabilized and has increased. People in the congregation are re-connecting with one another. We continue to have people visiting us Sunday mornings.

We are working at improving our communication and transparency and have made appropriate improvements. We will continue to do so. The new Tuesday Nights Together (TNT) has begun. We were pleased when 70 signed up, while hoping for 100. At last check we have 129 signed up. These are only a few of the signs pointing to the positive direction in which WPC is moving.

Along with all this, our generosity emphasis is underway. What does your generosity support? See all the above! (And more, I did not have room to include!) Of course, as a congregation we have continuing work and healing to pursue. Consider your generosity of time, prayers, attendance, and finances as we continue this significant move forward.

There is much more to come as we move forward through this year and into 2024. Thank you for your present generosity and faithfulness. Thank you for your commitment into 2024. God is good and God is good through you.


Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor
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