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Interim Thoughts

Thanksgiving Boxes and Two Thoughts

I arrived at church yesterday morning to see the Thanksgiving Dinner boxes packed into cars. I have to say it was an amazing thing to watch. Around 250 meals were distributed to various locations in the Worthington area.

Far more than 250 people will have a meal as most of these boxes will be going to families. So, if the average number in a household is 4 people about 1,000 people will have a meal because of you. I believe the number is probably higher than that. Take that number in for moment as I share two thoughts.

Some may wonder what sort of impact WPC is having on the community around us. These boxes impacting roughly 1,000 people is having a quiet, yet significant impact upon our community.
WPC volunteers delivering 40 Thanksgiving boxes to Hamilton Elementary, and met school staff, including the comfort dog, Buckeye.
We should not underestimate what God is doing through WPC. I believe these boxes are only one among many ways God is using WPC for His Kingdom. Well done to all of you who volunteered, donated, organized, loaded cars, and delivered these boxes to their various destinations.

My second thought is that what I saw this morning was only one reason among many why I count it a privilege to serve as your Interim Head of Staff. As I count the many reasons I have to give thanks to God, you are one of those significant reasons.

I hope you all enjoy a great Thanksgiving! God is good!


Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor
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