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Interim Thoughts

Easter All The Time

empty tomb with light shining
I hope you all enjoyed a good and happy Christmas time. We have crossed from 2023 into the first week of 2024. Is it too early to mention Easter?

I have a friend whose faith is deep. Whenever I see him, he greets me, “Happy Easter!” He does so no matter the time of year; spring, summer or fall, his greeting is, “Happy Easter!” For him Easter is all the time. I always return the greeting to him.

Let it also be so for us. It is never too early to mention Easter. In fact, it never is! The early church began meeting on Sundays, the first day of the week, because of Easter. It is the “Why” of Sunday. That means for us each Sunday morning is a celebration of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, as we worship God. I think that is important as we begin 2024.

January and February can be cold and dark months. Yet there is the light and hope of Easter that warms and lifts our hearts. During these months the weather could be bad and cold. There will be ice and snow. But the light of the empty tomb lifts our hearts. So then, Happy New Year! Happy Easter! God is good!
Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor
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