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Interim Thoughts

A Review of Three Stages

 I have heard some questions about how far along we are in the interim process. I think a review of the process will be helpful. I see three main stages WPC needs to work through.

Stage One
We are currently well into stage one. That stage is implementing the recommendations of the Lombard final report. Session is meeting Saturday morning, December 9, to work out how to put into practice the recommendations in that report. You will be hearing more about this as things move along.

Stage Two
Stage two will be finalizing the mission study. As a reminder, the mission study serves as background information for a potential candidate to read. I’m hoping that study can be completed by spring.

Stage Three
The third stage is electing a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC). Presbytery must grant permission for us to elect a PNC. The Pastor Nominating Committee will use the information in the mission study to write what is called the Ministry Discernment Profile (MDP). The MDP advertises the Head of Staff search in our denomination. It describes the congregation, our mission, and the future WPC is moving toward.

All three stages are vitally important to ensure a good outcome in the search. This work is worthwhile to ensure WPC calls the correct individual for this congregation.

Now, you may be thinking, this sure is an involved process! It is! But the God who created the universe out of nothing can certainly bring the next Head of Staff to WPC. God is in and works through the process. Please keep Session and WPC in your prayers as we move forward through the process. God is good!

Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor

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