Interim Thoughts

What is going on this Sunday in our worship services? There are two very important things which will be a part of our two worship services.

The first is the theme of healing and reconciliation. Jay Wittmeyer from the Lombard Peace Center will be preaching at both services. His sermon will be drawn from Philippians 1:1-6. Please give these verses a prayerful and reflective read this week.

This is also the Sunday we will be receiving your commitment cards. Please remember to bring them into worship. We are asking you to place them in the offering plate during the collection.

We are asking you to make two commitments.

  1. The first is the commitment to draw together in reconciliation with one another. Some may find that commitment challenging. Jesus does not call us to an easy faith. He calls us to a growing faith that is life changing. He walks with us through these challenges into a deeper faith.  
  2.  We are also asking you to make a generosity commitment. Just as a commitment to reconciliation moves us into a more significant faith, so also the commitment to generosity moves us together into significant ministry amongst us, our community and into the world. These two commitments expand the boundaries of God’s kingdom.

These two commitments grow from our mission statement. In Christ’s love we connect, serve and transform. This is who we are and what we are about. Please give both commitments reflective prayer between now and Sunday. God is good. See you Sunday!


Pastor Tim
Interim Senior Pastor
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